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Medical Billing & Coding Program

Our Nationally Accredited Medical Billing & Coding Program is Now Completely Online!

We are pleased to now offer our nationally accredited and certified Medical Billing and Coding program completely online! Our program is completely self-paced and will allow you to study online anytime and complete the program at your own pace. Most students finish in just 4-6 weeks!

What is a Medical billing & Coding Specialist?

    Medical Billing and Coding Specialists have a crucial responsibility for ensuring that appropriate payments and reimbursements are made to medical offices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

    Medical Billing and Coding Specialists are the health care professionals in charge of processing patient data such as treatment records and related insurance information. They are are tasked with correctly coding a patient's diagnosis along with a request for payments from the patient's insurance company for the treatment provide by the healthcare provider.

    How Does The Online Medical billing & Coding program Work?

    Students complete our simple online registration form and make your tuition payment. You will then receive your user name and password with all needed material to log in and being the program anytime at your convenience!

    After you finish the online classes you will need to take the online Medical billing & Coding exam. Upon successful completion of the test your Medical billing & Coding certificate and transcripts mailed to you. Most students receive their certificate in about 2 weeks.

    Outline for our Medical Billing & Coding Program: Introduction to Medical Billing & Coding, Introduction to Health Insurance Plans, Diagnostic Coding (ICD-9), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), Understanding the CMS 1500 Form, Commercial Insurance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, Worker Compensation Claims, Advanced Medical Billing and Coding

    Online Exam: After completion of our Medical Billing & Coding course, participants will be required to take the online Medical Billing & Coding exam. Upon successful completion of the exam you will be awarded your Medical Billing & Coding certificate.

    Required Textbook: Please note that in addition to the current tuition fee all students need to purchase the program textbook: "Understanding Health Insurance" by Green and Rowell (10th edition is recommended) to complete the program. The textbook is available for sale or rent on Used copies are also available at a reduced fee.

    Online Registration:

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