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Medical Assistant Program Registration:

We now offer an easy, safe and secure one step online registration! If you wish to register for our online medical assistant program at the current reduced rate please click on the "Enroll Now" button below. After you complete the online registration you will receive your user name, password and all information needed to log into the program and begin anytime at your convenience!

Special Offer this Week!

During our current "Online Enrollment Drive" this week the tuition cost for our online Medical Assistant program is reduced to just $645 (regular cost is $1,415).

We are also currently offering an additional discount for groups of 2 or more student. If you enroll as a group or 2 or more, the fee is only $485 per student.

You may register at this rate by clicking on the "Enroll Now" button below:

Required Program Textbook: In addition to the program tuition fee all students are required to purchase the program textbook, "Outline Review for the Medical Assistant" by Marsha Perkins Hemby (second edition). The text is available in our online bookstore or at about $50 (used copies are often available). There are no additional fees or costs associated with our online Medical Assistant program.

"Medical Billing and Coding Specialist" Program:

Click here for additional information and registration for our online:
"Medical Billing and Coding Specialist" program.

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