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We now offer additional online programs in fields similar to our Medical Assistant training course. These programs are often very helpful for medical assistants and related fields.
In addition to our Medical Assistant program we offer online classes for Dental Assistants.

Dental Assistant Registration Online

Dental Assistant

  • A Dental Assistant is a dental health professional who performs a variety of patient care, office and dental laboratory duties.
  • Often they work chair side as the dentist examines and treats patients.
  • Much like a Medical Assistant, the Dental Assistant makes patients feel comfortable in the dental chair, prepares patients for treatment and assists with records.
  • A Dental Assistant also passes instruments and materials to the dentist
  • Helps to keep the patient's mouth dry and clear during treatment, sterilizes instruments, manages the business/financial aspect of a dental practice
  • Educates patients about oral health and helps reduce their anxiety during the dental visit
  • A Dental Assistant may also help prepare dental x-rays, assists with dental procedures and the ordering of dental practice supplies.

Learn your dental assistance skills from respected international faculty!

We actively promote accessible education to students who are unable to attend traditional classroom instruction. Our diverse faculty of physicians, nurses, professional educators, medical assistants and other healthcare professionals have developed the best Dental Assistant distance education program available anywhere online.

How does our Online Dental Assistant Program Work?

  • Enroll online
  • Kickstart your online dental assistantsí classes
  • Take the online Dental Assistant exam
  • Earn your dental assistant certificate and transcripts
  • And become a qualified Dental Assistant.

Online Dental Assistant Program Outline: Dental Assistant classes are available 24 hours a day for students to take at their convenience.

Online Dental Assistant Classes: Introduction to Dental Assisting, Dental Anatomy, Dental Charting, Infection Control and Sterilization, Basic Dental Procedures, Dental Instruments, Introduction to Dental Radiology, Dental Materials, Dental Specialties (Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Surgery) and Advanced Functions.

What is the Cost and how do I Register?

The tuition fee for our Dental Assistant distance education program during our current "online enrollment drive" is $645 (regular fee is $1215). You can now safely and very securely register online for our Dental Assistant program using provided by our affiliation with "Google Checkout" payment service. Using "Google Checkout" you can register for our online Dental Assistant program with most major credit cards or pay by check online.

Register Today for Only $645
("Online Enrollment Drive" Special, the regular fee is $1215)

Register Using our Payment Plan
Only 3 monthly payment of just $228

Please note: All students are required to purchase the program textbook, "Delmar's Handbook of Essential Skills and Procedures for Dental Assisting", by Donna J. Phinney, Judy H. Halstead. . This textbook is available on for $25.76 (used copies start at $10.00).

Dental Assistant Registration Online

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